‘E-Trial’ Period Starts with Pilot Implementation on September 15

The Ministry of Justice will launch the pilot implementation of the “e-Trial”, which enables lawyers to attend a trial through video conferencing on September 15 in Ankara West Courthouse.

The pilot implementation will begin on September 15 at the Ankara West Land Registration Court, the 1st and 2nd Consumer Courts and the 1st and 2nd Enforcement Court. Lawyers will also have to wear gowns in the trials they attend as required in the Article 49 of the Attorneyship Law.

How Will The “E-trial” Be Implemented?

With the new system, lawyers will send a request for the “e-Trial” from UYAP Lawyer Portal or CELSE application.If the judge accepts the request through the system, the lawyer will be able to connect to the trial through video conference. The e-Trial will start with the court activating the system.Lawyers will be able to attend the e-trial after the authentication by using the electronic signature method in the system whose software is written by the engineers of The Ministry of Justice.The trial will begin after the information and photographs of the lawyers are confirmed by the court judge through the UYAP system.