It is the most widely known and applied dispute resolution method among the peaceful dispute resolution methods today.In dispute resolution through mediation, disputes are separated from individuals and personal approaches, focusing on the interests of the parties rather than their legal and personal status.It is possible to research and develop different potential solutions and methods and to produce different solution options. In mediation, the focus is on interests and needs. Protection of interest is essential and solutions and methods are flexible. Time is saved and it costs less. In mediation, the process and result are under parties’ control. The most important advantage is that the dispute is resolved fast within the long and costly processes of the judiciary without causing any loss of rights to the parties.

After a dispute arises between you and the other party, you can consult with a mediator before going to the court or arbitration, or you can go to the mediator after filing a lawsuit.Consultation to a mediator is only possible in matters where the parties can decide with their free will. The parties may go to the mediator on matters that do not concern public order and are suitable for enforcement.


Arbitration is the final settlement of disputes between the parties (such as sales, distribution, construction, finance, corporate law) through persons called arbitrators, rather than state courts. The parties can freely choose expert arbitrators or arbitrators.

Arbitration is a fast, specialized, flexible, way of resolving disputes between commercial actors through institutional arbitration, which responds to the needs of binding, final and enforceable business life, much less costly than state courts.Arbitral awards made as a result of arbitration are executed through enforcement offices just as adjudgments. The arbitral awards are executed immediately without appeal.

With International Arbitration Law No.4686 which was prepared in accordance with the UNCITRAL Model Law and which is a party to 1958 New York Convention and 1961 Geneva- Europe Convention, Turkey has all the necessary legal arrangements for international arbitration.

Legal and Expert Opinion/ Consultancy

Expert opinion is the opinion that is requested from experts who have knowledge and experience in their field by individuals or through legal representatives and presented as a report as a result of the examination to prove or strengthen the existing claim or defense of the parties in all stages of the dispute.

In our center, when there are disputes on technical issues during the mediation process, in line with your needs, experts in the field can make the necessary determinations regarding the dispute and an independent and impartial expert report can be taken.

When issues are solved, both time can be saved and the most accurate and fair result can be achieved with the expert report. During the mediation process, expert opinion is a method that creates satisfaction in the resolution of the dispute in matters requiring technical and special knowledge.